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Irrigation Blow Out

Winterizing Your Sprinkler Systems


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      It’s about that time again in Greater Nashville and Middle Tennessee area when the weather is starting to fluctuate in the mid 30s. You do not want to wait until it gets below 32 degrees before calling for your irrigation system winterization and system shut down. It is recommended to get your sprinkler system blow out scheduled in mid October to ensure a favorable spot in the shut down of the irrigation system in Nashville, Brentwood, Franklin, Hendersonville, and all surrounding areas.

        Southern Irrigation will begin its winterizing sprinkler systems the week of October 21, and continue till about Thanksgiving time. Each irrigation technician is equipped with a powerful, commercial grade tow behind air compressors to ensure we are prepared to winterize and shut down any size irrigation system from Murfreesboro to Clarksville and the rest of Middle Tennessee and Greater Nashville area. Rest assured with the confidence that your sprinkler system was winterized correctly and completely this fall.

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