Residential Irrigation

Residential Irrigation Installation

Sprinkler Irrigation Consultation and Contract Southern Irrigation uses a tested and proven process to design you Sprinkler / Drip Irrigation System based on your property's layout and needs, including but not limited to: soil analysis, grading and elevation summary, current and future landscape requirements, neighborhood standards, and desired coverage. We understand that an irrigation system is there to support the health and vitality of your turf and garden. We make sure that each square foot is accounted for on an individual basis.

As your landscaping changes, your irrigation and landscape lighting systems have to be customized to reflect those changes. Sometimes it is as simple as recalibrating or adding individual sprinkler heads / lamps, other times it may be desirable to expand the system itself. If the irrigation / lighting systems are not designed to be further developed it can be an expensive option to consider. That is why Southern Irrigation, during our Planning and Design phase, identifies any future coverage the property might require, and installs a system that is capable of cost effective and convenient modifications and/or repairs.

Residential Irrigation Maintenance

Residential Home Sprinkler Irrigation Troubleshoot and Repair Our maintenance contracts are great for the busy and traveling professionals. From scheduling appointments for irrigation system startup in Nashville, to trying to find time to relax, it is easy to forget to startup and winterize your irrigation system at the proper time. Let Southern Irrigation maintain your system and take one more thing off of your ever-growing to-do list. We will come by and start up your sprinkler system in Nashville, and surrounding areas, in the early spring and conduct a thorough winterization of your irrigation system in the late Fall without any need for a service request, however, you will always be contacted with our services days in advance. During start up, we will do a full inspection of your irrigation system and identify any irregularities or flaws in your system, in addition to, calibrating your system for optimal performance.

The Spring irrigation system startup in Nashville is a great time to identify any irregularities or damages caused over the winter months. Many of the common damages due to the seasons do not become apparent, often, until the cost of repair has exceeded general maintenance and has turned into an emergency. Our technicians are trained to have a keen eye when performing sprinkler system startup in Nashville and surrounding areas. This identifies any signs of defective parts ( backflow, valves, controller, rotors, pop up heads, etc.) or emerging signs of improper installation. Before they leave, they will provide you with a thorough report and answer any questions you might have. This allows you to be proactive, instead of reactive in weighing your options, allocating funds, and scheduling irrigation repairs before they get out of hand.

Residential Irrigation Repair / Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting and repairing an irrigation system can be time-consuming and expensive. If the right methods and procedures are not followed, it is impossible to troubleshoot and repair an irrigation system in a timely and cost effective manner. This often results in the frustration of the technicians, and the disappointment of the client.

Southern Irrigation's approach to troubleshooting a system begins with the first contact between you and the sales team. Our irrigation sales representative, and even receptionists, are trained to ask the right questions from the beginning, so our technicians in the field have the most up-to-date information on what the issue could be. When armed with the right information and expertise, our technicians are able to eliminate many of the steps our competitors would take. This allows us to cut hours off the service time, passing the savings on to you.

We are able to attract and retain technicians considered to be experts in the irrigation world by provide higher than competitive wages, continuous training, and an up-beat atmosphere. Our irrigation technicians have proven themselves in the industry to be regarded as the go-to people in the irrigation world. Their expertise mixed with the wisdom gained from years of experience allows the continual growth of the integrity and reputation of Southern Irrigation.

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