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The Planning and Design phase is a crucial part of any project, setting the groundwork for its success or failure. Our team works together to provide support and ideas from designers, certified technicians, and engineers, all to ensure that you have the desired look and function, and that all long-term issues have been identified and addressed properly before the final presentation is made. Each member of the Design Team has a specific role and their expertise, collectively, enables them to plan and design highly complex systems around complicated landscapes.

Our in-depth due-diligence process protects you from unintended consequences that may become apparent further down the road. If adequate measures are not taken in the Planning process, the time spent on the design becomes wasted. A design can be aesthetically pleasing and fit your budget, but if it is not able to perform in the manner you intended it to do so, or if miscalculations during the planning phase have occurred, significant changes might have to be made in order for the system to function properly, costing you time and money.

When you decide to have Southern Irrigation do your design, you will have a designated member from our Design Team assigned to your project from start to finish. The Design specialist will walk you through the different phases and discuss all facets of the project. If at any time you feel as though the project has deviated from the original design, you can contact your Design Team specialist directly to discuss any issues that need to be addressed.

We treat your property like it is ours and spend the same amount of time on planning, designing, and implementing any project or procedure. Investments in Sprinkler Irrigation and Landscape Lighting can be significant and should be trusted to a reputable professional. Let Southern Irrigation's experienced and diligent Design Team plan and design your next Sprinkler Irrigation and/or Landscape Lighting project.

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